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DISCLAIMER:  We do not reveal the name of the company in our ads per our contracts, if you want to know more and you are seriously interested you can fill out the form on the main page, or call the number listed. Thank you for understanding!

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Welcome to our Featured Company of the year!!

Driving Opportunities at FreightWorks Transportation & Logistics
Family Atmosphere, Lots of Miles, Great Pay, Fabulous Benefits

Team drivers can earn $70,000 or more / Solo drivers can earn $65,000 or more....

  • Are you an elite professional driver looking for a company to call "home"?

  • Are you tired of being identified by your driver number and are looking for respect?

  • Are you looking for a longer average length of haul while running great equipment?

  • Are you tired of running into dead ends trying to find answers to problems with your current company?

  • Are you ready for flexible home time schedules rather than being held to rigid formulas that count your “days out”?

If any or all of the above questions describe you, we invite you to inquire with our company to see if you have

what it takes to become a member of an elite team....a FreightWorks driver.

We run a family-owned and operated company in western North Carolina dedicated to providing exceptional service to our customers, exceptional opportunities to our employees and exceptional respect to the motoring public alongside which we operate safely - mile after mile, day after day.

As a FreightWorks driver, you will work with people that you consider your friends, if not your family. You will be known by your name and your voice and not by your driver number. You will be treated with respect at each interaction with your company.

As an Over-The-Road driver, you will have average lengths of haul in excess of 1,200 miles with many loads in excess of 2,400 miles. Regional and dedicated positions may also be available.


You will operate great equipment in desirable lanes with the latest technology utilized to reduce
driver workloads. You'll enjoy trucks equipped with refrigerators and power inverters. If your
truck does not have an APU, you'll be allowed to idle your truck for your comfort. You will
benefit from scale bypass technology that leverages our excellent safety record to keep you
moving down the road and out of a clogged-up scale house.

You will have ready access to multiple members of senior management and ownership of the
company when you need to bring an issue to someone's attention.
We will discuss a reasonable home time schedule that fits your needs and those of the company’s
without resorting to ratios of days out to days home. And we can vary that schedule based on
changing needs. Everyone in our company understands that driver home-time requests are very
important and we work very hard to meet every request.
We offer a flexible pet and rider policy and don’t charge pet fees or deposits. We recognize that
your truck is your home while on the road and that you may want to have someone with you
when you are out on the road.

In addition to all of that, our pay and benefits packages are extremely hard to beat. Per-mile
compensation varies based on lane but starts at excellent levels and grows based on your
productivity in the previous month and your tenure here. Solo drivers typically start at 45 cpm
and team drivers start at 50 cpm split and those rates rise with productivity and tenure. Unlike
much of the trucking industry, we pay on “practical miles” rather than “short” miles or
“household goods” miles. We pay your wages on a W-2 rather than paying them on a 1099
which sticks you with the tax bill that the company should be paying. We offer Blue Cross
insurance and pay for 100% of the driver's policy
. We also pay for your vision insurance, have a
holiday bonus and have a 401k with a matching contribution provided by the company.

Check out our Facebook reviews to learn what our current drivers have already discovered:

Hiring areas are predominantly within 300 miles of our terminals but we’ll certainly consider
people from other areas depending on their home-time expectations.
With us, you will haul specialized freight that is temperature-controlled and/or hazardous. You
will be required to have or be able to obtain your hazmat and tanker endorsements and you will
have to possess an excellent resume.

If you're a top-notch professional driver, you've found what you've been looking for. Contact us
FreightWorks Transportation & Logistics
Rutherfordton, NC & Reno, NV



Please contact Josh at the number listed above!  Please let him know that you saw his ad right here at 

CDL Career Jobs~!!   Or that you spoke with one of our recruiters, Cheryl!