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DISCLAIMER:  We do not reveal the name of the company in our ads per our contracts, if you want to know more and you are seriously interested you can fill out the form on the main page, or call the number listed. Thank you for understanding!

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Lead Driver Recruiter

​Contact info:
email:  cheryl@cdlcareerjobs.com
phone: 727-645-2109

Hello, I am very experienced in the transportation industry. I drove for 17 years over-the-road and I treat drivers how they want to be treated when looking for a new position with a new company.  I have over 7 years of experience as a 3rd party recruiter and love the challenge of finding a driver to fit the ads that I post.   I also know that you want someone to listen to your needs and what you need to have to make in order to survive.  My job is to find a position that we recruit for, assist you with the application process, give you the pertinent information that you need for the position(s) available, the orientation information and a lot more details.